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  • Can I purchase Pocketalk from overseas?

    Unfortunately, we are currently selling and shipping Pocketalk to only the U.S. from our website (

    If you live outside the U.S. and would like to purchase from overseas, please visit the below website:

    If you live in Japan, you can purchase the product from the below website:

  • Where are the Release Notes for recent Software Updates?

    Right here!

    2019.04.10 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.5.01 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.6)
    – Changed the fonts used for Thai translation results.
    – Enhanced the stability of Cantonese translations
    – Improved the translation accuracy for Chinese (Traditional)
    And other enhancements to improve the stability of the product overall.

    2019.03.26 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.4.00 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.6)
    – Improved the translation accuracy for Cantonese.

    2019.03.14 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.3.00 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.6)
    – Updated software to the latest version.
    – Improved the stability of Internet connectivity.

    2019.03.04 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.3.00 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.5)
    – Allowed options “Delete from History” and “Delete from Favorites” to be selected individually from the “Reset” option.

    2019.02.18 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.2.00 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.5)
    – Resolved issues where translations become unstable when certain operations are carried out.
    – Changes made to the System Language names displayed on selection.

    2019.01.25 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.0.04 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.5)
    – Resolved issues related to telecommunication.

    2019.01.10 – Release Notes (Software Version 2.0.04 / 0.4.2; Firmware Version 2.0.4)
    – Improved the stability of the software on product launch.
    – Resolved minor issues found in the audio search keywords for the language selection screen.

    2018.12.27 – Release Notes (Version 2.0.03 / 0.4.2)
    – Updated the engine for Japanese voice readouts.
    – Implemented “Tutorial screen” for translations.
    – Added Italian and German to the System Language.
    – Improved the stability of the audio input processing.

    2018.11.29 – Release Notes (Version 1.4.01 / 0.4.1)
    – Improved the response speed of the translations.
    – Changed the “minimum battery required for having Updates run” from the original 50% to 30%.

    2018.11.13 – Release Notes (Version 1.3.01 / 0.4.1)
    – Fixed issue where an occasional delay would occur before translations.
    – Fixed issue where cancelling an ongoing translation would take time on occasions.
    – Changed / improved the fonts used in the below languages:
    Ukrainian, Kazakh, Greek, Kyrgyz, Serbian, Tajik, Bulgarian, Belarusian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Russian

    2018.10.25 – Release Notes (Version 1.2.01 / 0.4.1)
    – Fixed issues where the device would not go into sleep mode properly (in certain situations).
    – Improved / enhanced the behavior of the speech to text functionality.
    – Adjusted the volume of the “beep” sound (sound for notifying start of recording)

    2018.10.15 – Release Notes (Version 1.1.11 / 0.4.1)
    – Fixed speech recognition issues with Cantonese language.
    – Audio output supported on Hindi language.
    – Improved / enhanced the behavior of the language selection via voice recognition.

    To have the prompt come up for downloading the latest software updates, be sure to have the device charged to above 50% battery, and connect to a Wi-Fi network.

  • How do I start using Pocketalk?

    We recommend starting with the instructions in the User Guide.

    If you require additional help, contact us at

  • How do I know I’m connected to the internet?

    From the home screen, tap on the Menu button in the upper left corner. On the Menu screen you will see mobile data bars or WiFi bars.

  • How do I use Pocketalk to translate?

    First, make sure you are connected to the internet.

    To select the languages to translate to/from, tap on the languages displayed on the bottom of the homescreen. A list of languages will be displayed. Select the language and tap “OK” in the upper right corner.  

    Be sure to select one language on the left side and the other language on the right.

    Press and hold the physical button under the language you speak. Wait for initial beep sound and then speak into or near Pocketalk. (Speaking approximately four inches from Pocketalk is generally optimal.) When you’re finished speaking, release the button. You’ll hear the translation in the other language and see it displayed in text.

    Now pass Pocketalk to your foreign language speaking friend and have them do the same. Remember to have them hold the button under the language they speak, while they speak.

  • Can I use my voice to select languages to translate?

    Yes. You can find and select a language using voice control. Just tap the mic icon at the top left and follow the instructions.  

  • What do I need to know when using Pocketalk in China?

    If using Pocketalk in China, you may not be able to connect to the internet using local WiFi networks or prepaid SIMs sold in China. If you have a Pocketalk with built-in data, we recommend you switch to data mode. If you’re using our Soracom Global SIM (sold separately) use this in data mode to connect to the internet.

    If you do not have Pocketalk with build-in data or a Soracom Global SIM, you can still connect to the internet by switching ON the “China Mode” from the “Region of Use” in the Menu screen.

    Note that the number of supported languages will be limited while using “China Mode.”

    Translations may not work properly when connecting via WiFi in China due to strict regional regulations.

    Once you are outside of China, you can go to the “Region Settings” and select “Global Mode” to get the maximum languages support.

  • Where can I find the latest User Guide?
  • What is Pocketalk Center?

    Pocketalk Center is a website where you can view a history of translations.
    To access Pocketalk Center, please go to the Menu, tap on Pocketalk Center and follow the instructions.

  • How do I update my Pocketalk?

    Make sure your Pocketalk is charged above 50% and connected to WiFi. Go to the main Menu and select Software Update. Pocketalk will automatically check to see if an update is available.

  • How do I change the System Language?

    Go to the main Menu and tap on System Language. Tap on the language you want to use, then tap OK in the upper right corner.

  • How do I adjust the brightness?

    Go to the Menu screen. Tap on “Brightness” and use the slider to make your adjustment.

  • What adapters are supported for charging?

    We recommend using generic USB to AC adapter converters that are designed for Android smartphones. You can also charge directly from any PC USB port.

  • How do I install my Global SIM card?

    Please follow instructions found here.

  • How do I subscribe to or unsubscribe from the Mail Magazine?

    You can SUBSCRIBE to our mail magazine from HERE.
    You can UNSUBSCRIBE from our mail magazine from HERE.

  • How do I thread the Lanyard?

    To thread the Lanyard through the strap hole, we recommend that you use a staple or a paper clip.
    Here’s a How-to video to help you out!

  • How do I get my battery to last longer?

    In order to have the battery last longer there are a couple of good tips:

    – Go to the “Sleep Settings” in the Menu to set the device to go to sleep in shorter spans (15 seconds is the shortest).
    – Adjust the “Brightness” settings in the Menu (the brighter the screen, the more battery you’ll use).
    – Adjust the “Volume” from the Menu (the louder the volume, the more battery you’ll use).

    In addition, for situations where the device gets accidentally turned on the your bag which can drain the battery, we’d recommend storing your Pocketalk in a carry case when not in use